What to Think About BEFORE You Get COVID-19

Sorry it's been awhile! Right now, let's focus on important info about COVID-19. First, a major topic very few bring up: How do you want to be cared for if you end up in a hospital with COVID-19? Not a comfortable topic, but so very important! When doctors are surveyed, most say they don't want … Continue reading What to Think About BEFORE You Get COVID-19

Antibiotic Resistance – It’s Complicated!

Big words, yes, but we can still figure this out. I've learned a lot about this topic as a patient advocate on antibacterial drug development committees with the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) and the Brookings Institution. It's really about the bug in the laboratory (lab), not in humans. That has to change if we want better solutions … Continue reading Antibiotic Resistance – It’s Complicated!