Recuperation & a Re-Boot

Sometimes, my body says "If you won't stop, I will." Since the flu┬áhit over the holidays, I re-grouped for the new year. First, the above statement from Marianne Williamson appears every January 1st on "A Year of Daily Wisdom"┬ácalendar that I've used since 1998 (thanks, Mom-In-Law!). So, I'm going to unlearn the fear we hear … Continue reading Recuperation & a Re-Boot


A Press Release!

Please excuse my exuberance. This is my first, ever, press release thanks to! It feels good to get this done, and I thank Thea Tlsty and Philippe Gascard for their insights and hard work while working on the DCIS Dilemmas eBook. Click on the image for the full press release. Now on to 2016 … Continue reading A Press Release!