This blog shares insights gathered from over 20 years of bringing reality to medical & health research. Cancer has a way of creating new outlooks on family, friendships, careers & life itself. I found this out while rising quickly through a Silicon Valley computer company at age 32.

After chemo-induced menopause, my husband (Bob) and I delivered a healthy baby boy who has shared more cancer in my contralateral (other) breast, multiple pre-cancerous polyps & his dad’s lung cancer (a never smoker). The family motto… so far, so good.

We blaze new trails by injecting ourselves directly into the research process since being drafted as board members into Breast Cancer Action in the early 1990s. Since then, we’ve worked with researchers worldwide through Patient Advocates In Research (PAIR), where research meets reality. We cover the gamut – from policies, idea generation and grant proposals, to drug development, clinical trials, genomics and explaining trial studies and their results plainly for better healthcare.

The constant travel, speeches, committees and boards are worth it to help people at all stages of their (im)patient journey. By creating a career where none existed, we also help others play roles they choose while not losing focus on everyday patient issues in everyday life.

Almost forgot – to keep my sanity, I enjoy creating jewelry on sleepless nights and selling it at fundraisers. You can check out the picture albums here.

I’m also a new eBook author! Information at https://www.amazon.com/author/deborahcollyar.

Feel free to contact me for more information. Thanks for stopping by – also love guest bloggers, so let me hear from you!