@pharmagossip: How Johnson & Johnson, promoted Risperdal illegally, covered up the side effects and made billions.

Well, it took me long enough to comment on this excellent serial report from @StevenBrill on @HuffingtonPost about drug company tactics. J&J/Janssen held back data about serious problems their drug caused while continuing to tout their “putting patients first” credo. Hmmm, does that mean “first to harm?” Thanks to https://chaoticpharmacology.com/ and @pharmagossip for kicking me in gear.

Disclosure: I started the series, but didn’t finish – too incredulous at the hubris and twisted perspective of the company. I will now.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the only company exhibiting this pattern. It’s also not the only example of their dubious practices. NASDAQ also wrote this article about another J&J product: “Johnson & Johnson Settling Cases Tied to Device That Spread Uterine Cancer.”

Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/johnson–johnson-settling-cases-tied-to-device-that-spread-uterine-cancer-20160318-00466#ixzz43Msixfcy

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

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