Recuperation & a Re-Boot

Sometimes, my body says “If you won’t stop, I will.” Since the flu hit over the holidays, I re-grouped for the new year.

First, the above statement from Marianne Williamson appears every January 1st on “A Year of Daily Wisdom” calendar that I’ve used since 1998 (thanks, Mom-In-Law!). So, I’m going to unlearn the fear we hear every day and focus on the love that connects us all. Of course, some days will be easier than others… writing-week-participant-ipad-208x300

Next, I found a 7 day Writing Week challenge by, and decided to start the new year off with new skills.

Before all that, I finished 2015 by opening the creative channels of play. I mean, there is only so much rest a mind can take! In my case, play means making jewelry, which will come in handy for 2016 fundraisers. Let me know if you have one you want me to consider.
Necklace - Amethyst & fluorite    Necklace - Murano glass    Necklace - pearl and crystal weave

My play also led to an overflow of work ideas that you’ll see throughout 2016.

Happy new year!

All content © 2016 by Deborah Collyar unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to use short quotes provided a link back to this page and proper attribution is given to me as the original author.

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