A Press Release!

Please excuse my exuberance. This is my first, ever, press release thanks to FirstEditionDesignPublishing.com! It feels good to get this done, and I thank Thea Tlsty and Philippe Gascard for their insights and hard work while working on the DCIS Dilemmas eBook. Click on the image for the full press release. Now on to 2016 … Continue reading A Press Release!

Full-Fledged Flu

'Tis the season, folks. Fancy the opportunity to find flu facts while falling onto the sofa. I fear I may have infected a few as I felt the forceful signs form within. Of course, my bout came from fellow flyers during my fortnight of travel. For those flummoxed by my fanciful alliteration, I have an excuse - I'm under the influence of … Continue reading Full-Fledged Flu

When Clinical Trials Don’t Match Their Data

Clinical trials (research studies in people) can help find better treatment, care and prevention for patients. When done well, they answer important questions posed in the protocol (study plan) before the trial starts. Unfortunately, those answers are often not published. Some also don’t have the right study designs, which means the studies won’t tell us what we truly … Continue reading When Clinical Trials Don’t Match Their Data